The Catalina 22 Sport is currently built by CATALINA YACHTS and is the fourth generation Catalina 22 sailboat.

The Catalina 22 Sport was designed by Catalina Yachts and launched in June 2004 in response to Catalina 22 owners' request for a production boat that more accurately reflects the original dimensions and weight of this popular one design boat. Catalina Yachts developed the Sport to encourage more family racing with the thousands of first generation 22s by offering an alternative to finding an older boat and restoring it just to be competitive in the dozens of established Catalina 22 fleets. Like the first Catalina 22, the Sport is easy to trailer, and a great boat to step up from dinghy sailing to a pocket cruiser/racer, offering the quality and value Catalina owners have come to expect since 1970. 

In 2010, Catalina Yachts moved production of the Sport from Woodland Hills, Calfironia to Largo (Tampa), Florida beginning with hull number 15727.

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Tips when buying a new Catalina 22 Sport include:

  • Consider an optional upgrade from vinyl interior cushions to cloth interior cushions to nicely dress-up the interior cabin. 
  • Many owners have ordered their Sport without lifeline stanchions with no regret. A few owners who race have gone to the extreme of removing the stern pulpit to help shed a few pounds off the stern of the boat. 
  • If you plan to competitively race your Sport, then you may want to order your sails from a one of handful of businesses that do a very good job in building competitive Catalina 22 sails.
  • The Sport will easily get to hull speed with a 3.5 horsepower outboard motor on most inland lakes. Anything above 5 or 6 horsepower is probably overkill, but more horsepower may be necessary on coastal waterways. 
  • Stating with Sport #15759, Catalina Yachts began using masts and boom built by Selden.  

Features of the Catalina 22 Sport include:

  • Longer cockpit compared with all earlier Catalina 22 models. In turn, it has a smaller cabin.
  • Forward cabin hatch is flush with the deck and made of fiberglass
  • Fiberglass-encased swing keel
  • Cooler / step eliminates need for a galley
  • Interior has settee on each side of cabin instead of a dinette
  • Easy access to weldments and swing keel trunk from inside the cabin
  • No hull liner under the cockpit
  • Built to a standard target weight of approximately 2,270 pounds
  • No teak = low maintenance
  • Quality design and construction - made in the USA

In 2010, Catalina 22 Sport owners Tom Clark and Rob Fowler prepared the first Catalina 22 Sport TUNING GUIDE (log-in required). The Tuning Guide was developed over a lengthy trial and error period aimed at making their Catalina 22 Sport "Fuzzy Logic" (#15597) more competitive with the early boats.